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Adult Group Visits
Spanning prehistory to the present day, discover the great history of navigation through major art works and treasures from the collections of the Musée Mer Marine. Carry on with the “Paradoxes” exhibition, a gripping confrontation with the monumental works of contemporary artists environmentally conscious about the Ocean.


Children Group Visits


A playful way for young sailors who are ready to embark on an adventure with not only great heroes of the sea, explorers of uncharted lands and captains of aircraft carriers, but also pirates and great figures of offshore racing. On top of that, children are introduced to the beautiful fragility of the ocean, in need of protection since it is being threatened.


School Visits


From the sea battles of ancient times, to the expeditions of the 18th century that brought the Lumières on the ocean, and the current burning topic of immigration to America – this epic tale relies on the Musée Mer Marine’s significant historic resources to be told. Besides, the “Paradoxes” exhibition deals with the sustainable development strategy related to the ocean through committed art from great contemporary artists.


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