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GF & 1st Floor

The MMM si creating a bridge between the sea world and the arts.

On the shores of the Garonne, in the heart of the maritime history of Bordeaux, that once was the biggest port of Europe, the Musee Mer Marine takes center stage.

We call it museum thanks to its wide and high standard collections. It aims at passing on history and knowledge; a place that foster exchanges and art in general.

Art is hidden not only in exploration techniques but also in the sailors’ daily lives.

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The Musée Mer Marine cast off for an adventurous journey

The Dutch East India Company (VOC)

Video – National Geographic Exhibition – Ep. 3

The French Royal Navy

Video – National Geographic Exhibition – Ep.2

Video – National Geographic Exhibition – Ep. 1

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Temporary Exhibition

New exhibition in preparation

Temporary Exhibition room

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Discovering the world from the ocean

2nd floor

This last part of the permanent exhibition is based on a systematic confrontation between art and science. The visitor discovers the evolution of the oceans from their formation to the present day, and is led to place his/her own existence in the massive history of the marine world, its flora and fauna, nowadays threatened by human activity.

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Your private event at the Musée Mer Marine

Designed by architect Olivier Brochet, the monumental building of the Musée Mer Marine stands at the edge of the Bassins à flot, which formed Bordeaux’s historic 19th century port and a cultural district in full revival. This extraordinary place, by its dimensions and by the purity of its forms, is the perfect setting for your events, with its five modulable spaces which can be tailored to your needs :


– The Entry Hall
– The Mezzanine
– The Temporary Exhibition room
– The Auditorium
– The Second Floor of the Permanent Exhibition


Your events may include a visit of the permanent or temporary exhibitions, either in the form of self-guided tours or with the support of an experienced guide.

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